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Cloud or on-premise

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Showcase: AI assisted travel planner

To showcase the possibilities of connecting ChatGPT with real-time, online sources we created the AI Weather and activity reporter. Provide your destination and get a list from ChatGPT of things you could do based on the actual weather prediction for tomorrow by OpenWeather. Traveling by group or are you more interested in a romantic trip? The AI will take that into consideration as well.

You can select the tone of voice of the report: looking for cheerful recommendations or are you more interested in the opinion of you grumpy neighbor?

Based on the suggestions, ChatGPT will extract activities, locations, etc and uses Tripadvisor.com for the most recent reviews and information. Each option will be listed and contains a full summary created by AI based on the real-time information supplied by Tripadvisor.com.

Give the AI Weather and activity reporter at try!

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