Weather and activities

Hey there, welcome to our cool weather and fun finder app, powered by ChatGPT! Simply punch in your location and we'll give you a sneak peek of tomorrow's weather forecast, thanks to our pals at Open Weather.
But wait, there's more! Based on the weather forecast, ChatGPT will suggest some cool things to do in a tone of voice you prefer. Whether you're with your kiddos, hanging out with a bunch of friends, or on a sweet date, we've got you covered.
Want to narrow down your activity options? No problem! Just hit that more options button on the right to get more specific.

Now here's the cherry on top - we dig out particular spots like museums and parks from your activity list, and with a little help from, we generate some handy info about each place. ChatGPT will whip up a quick summary of each spot which you'll find at the bottom of this page. Enjoy planning your day!

, I'm looking for the weather tomorrow and some activities in
Please only provide the selected types of activities, if available at my location.
Disclaimer: BETA version. The weather report is up to date and provided by Open Weather API. The text is generated by ChatGPT at OpenAI and might be inaccurate, strange of even wrong. When confronted with a request for activities unavailable at your specific location, ChatGPT might start to hallucinate. Works best for larger cities and/or more common tourist destinations.

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